Friday, January 16, 2009

Unsafe at any position

Wow. This would just have to ruin your day.

You've gotten to work, had a cup of coffee and two coconut-topped donuts... when you feel the familiar tug of M. Nature calling. You check that your ever-present 9 is safely ensconced in it's holder next to your 'gun' and head down the hall to your 'other office'...

After a nice long voluntary-muscle-control session, you fold the paper carefully, take care of some paperwork, stand up and before you can say 'one up the spout' you hear your favorite sound in the whole world - followed by searing agony as chunks of razor-sharp flying porcelain (coated with YOUR very own 'special sauce') leave definite marks on your aft regions.

Oh man. That has to be the worst moment of anyone's day.

Hat tip to ColoradoPols!


ToLo said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "wing nuts.":

Doogman said...

OHH! OhHO..hoohoo...oowwwie...LOL!!! WHOOP! HEE HEE!