Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Staff Sergeant Justin Bauer

A wonderful post over at VoiceOfLongmont.

Go read it.

And while you're reading it, remember why this young man died - because a President of the United States lied to take us into war. That's been established quite clearly. To those who keep refusing to see the truth, you are fools and worse. There were no WMDs, they were never found.

The death of any person in uniform diminishes us as a nation. This young man's life should not have been spent this way and George Bush should be held to task for it.

I'm also afraid that some on the right saw this funeral as more than just burying a soldier, I suspect they felt they were burying their hopes for our nation with him. In truth, this excellent young man and those like him ARE the hopes of our nation - and we must never sacrifice such a precious treasure for anything less than the truth. The fact that our government sanctioned torture puts our military at greater risk. If we torture, other nations will too. I'm glad to see President Obama immediately rescinded the Executive Order allowing it.

Rest in Peace Justin Bauer, a nation mourns your loss - as well as that of your brothers and sisters. May no more of you be sacrificed for this war based on a lie.

Bring them home.


Thank God the Rule of Law has returned.

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