Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some of the things I read...

...honestly... me make want to vomit1. I'd link to them, but why throw pennies into that cesspool2. Suffice to say there are some microscopically-tiny minds out there, not to mention souless things that masquerade as human beings... and they breed like flies3.

You can hear these inhuman slime-creatures belching out endless encomiums and praise for the sad little man who did so much damage to our beloved country - they're loud, repetitive and really repulsive. While I'm all for freedom of speech4, I don't appreciate KKK5 or Nazi rallies6 but I understand they're allowed to speak too - though they would instantly silence forever (if only they could in their sad, pathetic dreams) anyone that spoke out against them7. There's always a tiny group of extremist loons who will bellow their ignorance for all to hear. God forbid we silence those... things - people would lose sight of how truly wrong and evil they are. Better they continue to serve as an example of how insidious and relentless the darkness is.

An overwhelming majority of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 16% of Americans think things are going well. 16% - that's called a 'fringe' - I'll go further and call it a 'lunatic fringe' since in my opinion you'd have to be fucking crazy to think Bush did a good job.8

Bush came into office promising 'limited government' and 'humble' foreign policy. What he delivered was economic collapse, government bailouts and clumsy, heavy-handed nation-building wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as bungled disaster response and no followup9 among his endless string of screwups, malaprops and misdeeds.

Using the ever-lionized Ronald Reagan10 as a yardstick: 'are we better off than we were' four or eight years ago? Apparently 16% of the American population thinks they are11. Then again, Barbara Bush made light of Katrina's refugees' conditions by saying 'it's working very well for them'. What collossal arrogance and stupidity. Runs in the family I guess12.

All things considered though, I have to say I was greatly moved by the sight of hundreds of thousands of Americans singing 'This Land is Your Land' in front of the lovely Lincoln Memorial. When the camera panned across the crowd you could see it stretched all the way back to the Washington Monument. It gave me hope that the shadow that's fallen across America will soon lift13.
1. Cambells-chunky-soup-style, projectile mode.
2. All sorts of hideous things surface and it takes days to hose off the driveway.
3. Having little else to do with themselves.
4. Even when it's attack-speech spattered with spittle and bile.
5. That once ran Longmont.
6. Thankfully we don't have to tolerate that insanity here... yet.
7. Since just killing people (at least in broad daylight) went out of style some time ago with the advent of law and police.
8. I swear, the GOP could elect a cold meatloaf and 16% of the voters (right-wing locksteppers) would praise it's performance.
9. I.E. he lied - start to finish
10. Even Nixon called him 'strange' and 'not pleasant to be around' in his infamous Oval Office audio tapes.
11. I say we move em all here, they'd likely love this.
12. Although actually fighting in the wars they start doesn't.
13. No matter how much money is poured into reviving the rapidly-dessicating husk that was the GOP.

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