Sunday, January 4, 2009

Norm Coleman - Sore Loser

The election in Minnesota is over and the GOP has lost another seat.1

I'll just bet the ghost of Paul Wellstone is laughing with glee too - since Al Franken, irreverent comic and unapologetic lefty is the new Senator.

You can practically hear the wingnut butts puckering from here2. Life is not going to be much fun for the red-staters in the Senate - you can bet Al's going to bring the bigtime ridicule to a chamber of government that needs airing out worse than than some folks' underwear.

Norm Coleman of course is doing the whole Rumplestiltskin3 gig, stomping his foot, screaming and yelling 'mine! mine! all mine!'

...but we're used to that in this post-post 9-11 world.
1. Which has got to hurt, after getting their collective seat kicked savagely in the last two elections and losing the Presidency. One might think they enjoy that treatment.
2. I suspect Mark Foley can and is tapping his foot like a sewing machine...
3. Or is it 'Rumpledforeskin'... no... that's someone else...


Brian Summers said...

Actually, I'm thinking that Franken will be every bit the Senator he campaigned to be. He knows full well that this won't be just another episode of SNL. There are going to be plenty of critics just waiting for him to be the class clown and jump his sh*t for it. Even though Minnesota has surpassed California in putting celebrities into state government, Franken seems savvy enough to pull it off and make a career out of it. Go Al, go.

Doogman said...

Excellent point - but I'm actually HOPING he brings SOME humor. I definitely agree he'll be an outstanding Senator, he's clearly brilliant and ran a solid campaign, despite Coleman's endless petty BS.