Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never Fails

I knew the second that Supreme Court Judge John Roberts bobbled the words to the inaugural oath the wads of fuck that masquerade as human beings would pounce on it to screech "He's not the President!!" - and sure enough, Chris Wallace was all over it.

Hey, Chris, a Supreme Court Judge gave the oath, if the wording varied slightly I suspect it's well within his authority to allow it.

Jesus Christ, do these jackasses EVER not take the cheap shot?

Chris Wallace must be a huge disappointment to his father.

What a jerkoff.

I'm not linking to it because I'm sure it will be on the news endlessly for the next month.

Hey. News Flash to all the wingnut shitheads out there - Obama is the President. The election is over. You LOST. BADLY. Now stop acting like children. Actually, DON'T - keep acting like Ritalin-starved hyperactive brats, that will really help you NOT get your 'party' back together in time for the next savage beating of an election. By all means, run PALIN.


Mumzee said...

Obama actually became President fifteen minutes before he took the oath. Under the law, he assumed the office at high noon. The oath is merely ceremonial and not required by law. Take that, FAUX News!

Doogman said...

I swear, it's like a mental illness with the wingnuts, they simply won't GET IT. Well, they LOST and if I have to scream it in their ignorant, smarmy faces DAILY for the next four years, I WILL.