Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monster Kills Kid

They don't call them 'Monster Trucks' for nothing.

Christine Moe told King Television of Seattle a truck came apart while heading toward the end of the grandstands during the freestyle competition right after intermission.

"Parts were falling off and a piece flew up and hit a little boy," Moe said.

"I talked to the people sitting next to them. Their little girl had blood all over them. It was just so horrible," she said. "You just saw the mother just sitting there holding her son and the whole top of his head was just gushing with blood."
This is just horriffic - oh, but it gets worse:

Some told the TV station they had to throw cups off the stands to get the attention of medics.

"They didn't even stop the damn show," Moe said. "They just kept going. We grabbed our kids and just beelined out of there."

Many spectators left after the accident, witnesses said.

"I thought that (continuing the show) was really rude," Deranleau said. "Everybody sitting around thought they should have dropped the show and gave the family some respect. Nobody was paying attention to the show."

Of course you don't 'stop the show' if a spectator is hurt (or killed)! Good grief! The Show Must Go On! What was that spectator thinking! Even if she is a nurse! This is the post-9-11 world! You put a purple heart band-aid on it and keep right on going! Nothing to see, move along.

Actually, maybe this will help some of the folks watching this insane 'sport' finally realize what a bizarre form of entertainment it really is.

Sad hat tip to Drudge Retort

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