Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Magnificent example of circular logic

This reminds me of the infamous bait-question: "So when did you stop beating your wife?"

The Academic Bill of Rights is a steaming heap of dung.

The National Coalition Against Censorship opppose it, that's enough for me, but the American Historical Association opposes it, saying that the ABOR:
"could snuff out all controversial discussion in the classroom. A campus governed by the ABOR would present professors with an impossible dilemma: either play it safe or risk administrative censure by saying something that might offend an overly sensitive student."
'Overly sensitive student'... translated = "child of right-wing loon who thinks Vietnam should be painted as a 'win' in the history books."


Brian Summers said...

Yeah, its just another attempt by the "my way or the highway" extreme right to force their shrill and strident opinions on everyone else. The "defense" in piece linked above claims the ABOR won't mandate the teaching of such things as creationism, however it does seem to mandate the "objector's" right to demand such. I've never understood the right's claim to advocate less government—this is yet another clear case of more legislation where it does not belong.

"Overly sensitive student" = someone who will obtain a libray card to the G.W. Bush presidential library because they'll offer free crayons.

Doogman said...

(Giggling at the 'free crayons')