Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just Kinda Jumped Out At Me

Oh dear. Saw this at

Oh dear.

All I could think was: "Is it going to be that kind of year?"
Made me shiver.

Then I remembered seeing this too.

*makes thumbs-up gesture* Nice work folks. Real bona-fide 'iPod killer,' uh-huh. (laughs out loud)

So, it could go either way I guess. Good or bad.

It's all in the point of view.

And this post from a conservative writer undelines that they're very likely to never get it (not that they 'get it' much as is which might explain the neverending crankiness). What spectacular wankery!! Just exposes the fact that wingnut men see women as chattel or appliances that should serve when needed or be replaced. Indicative of their attitudes about human rights too.


ToLo said...

Y' know, what the lady did was horrendous, but you have to agree that the guy seemed to be abusive and demanding, and was asking for some kind of retribution. I couldn't help seeing a parallel: the Repugnicans have been sticking it in our mouths and demanding service for at least eight years, feeling like their positions made them entitled -- that it was their due, that we OWED it to them. And see what happens?

I hope she gets off with a warning and some much needed counseling ...

Doogman said...

In that case the Zune article makes even more sense: "Get with the times or get shut down" - permanently! Here's hoping they >don't< listen!