Thursday, January 1, 2009

Index of Idiocy

I must thank the folks over at the Colorado Index, they've given me hours (well, ok, minutes) of unbridled hilarity more than once.

Today's post is no exception. (btw, their url 'structure' is fascinating... self-promotion? masterful... *cough*) It's actually worth giving them a little link love (unlike other sources of humor in the area).

A few responses to their "predictions"*:

1. Hopefully someone will also notice (again) that Blago 'idolized Reagan'

2. The Gazette? What's that? Oh yeah, another one of those dying fishwrap factories.

3. Bill Ritter might not run in 2010? ooohh... cub reporter must have had an extra glass of eggnog. Head pats all around.

4. Tim Gill is more likely to put some money into efforts to clean up the horriffic mess Musgrave and her demented cronies have created in Colorado. By the way, Thank You Mr. Gill! The vicious monster Musgrave needed to be deposed and we lefties are immensely grateful!!!

5. This one made me howl with laughter - 'government mistakes' ? You mean like the gigantic socialized bailout of crooked bankers? Figure a wingnut to try and spin that around as their opponent's fault. Points for style. No score however.

6. So, finally forcing the record-profits-making oil barrons to cough up some lucre is going to 'damage the economy'? Uh huh. Likely no worse than inflating the price of gasoline artificially from $1.50 -$4.00. How many billions did that little scam take out of the economy? Wake up for Pete's sake.

7. The parenthetical says it all and should be in the site's masthead.

Thanks again kids, you and John Andrews give me renewed hope that we'll be seeing more Democrats in office in coming years. Don't change - ever (not that you know how).
* If by "predictions" you mean "incoherent barking and yipping interspersed with random body noises"

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