Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Chris Wallace

Dear sir,

Thank you for being the punctillious little snot you are.

You are an outstanding example of why this President has been needed.

Please, never change, I don't want people to forget in four years.

Obama Takes His Oath of Office Again

I think this event should become emblematic of this President:

When a high official made an error in full view of public, rather than deride or correct him, President Obama followed his lead, then immediately rescheduled the ceremony and had it done properly.

I begin to think Roberts fucked up the oath on purpose, hoping to help sow rumors of 'invalidity' - which any good lawyer knows, is the beginnings of a lawsuit - or impeachment.

Really sad guys. REALLY SAD.

But at least now we know Chris Wallace is satisfied.

Well... as satisfied as he's likely to get in this life.


Kaye Fissinger said...

Since he hated administering the oath to Obama so much the first time, it is only appropriate that he should be forced into a do-over.

Is screwing up the presidential oath an impeachable offense for the Chief Justice? :)

Doogman said...

Excellent question. Establishing his INTENT would be interesting.