Saturday, January 24, 2009

Colorado Media Still Bright Red with Streaks of Yellow

All of these stories are courtesy of Media Matters.

Propaganda/Noise Machine

KCOL's Weinman and Fallen continued conservative drumbeat claiming New Deal did not work
Keith Weinman and Gail Fallen of KCOL parroted other conservative media figures to assert that President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was a failure. Fallen stated that "government intervention only prolonged the Depression," while Weinman claimed a stimulus program "like FDR's" would "spread out the pain" of the current economic crisis. Numerous prominent economists have rejected such assertions, including Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, who wrote that Roosevelt's short-term successes were constrained because "his economic policies were too cautious." Read more

Caldara again suggested Obama is a Marxist
Echoing a label he has used previously to smear President Barack Obama, Independence Institute President Jon Caldara on a Newsradio 850 KOA Inauguration Day broadcast claimed Obama's inaugural address contained an "undercurrent" of "Marxism" and "the siren songs of socialism." Read More


While condemning Amendment 23, KFKA's Oliver omitted that she opposed ballot measure to fix it.
Amy Oliver of the Independence Institute continued her pattern of misinformation regarding Amendment 23 and the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, calling the former during her KFKA broadcast a "cash cow, the one that absolutely drains the general fund," and asserting it is responsible for a projected state budget shortfall in the current fiscal year. Oliver omitted that she publicly opposed a defeated 2008 ballot measure that would have eliminated Amendment 23's requirement that the state increase public school funding annually by at least the rate of inflation plus 1 percent. Read more


KNUS' Andrews purveyed misinformation about oil shale reserves, president's tax plans
On his KNUS Backbone Radio broadcast, John Andrews failed to challenge the false claim by his guest, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman, that "800 billion barrels of oil [are] under the ground under the Green River basin in northwestern Colorado alone." Further, Andrews parroted the inaccurate assertion, made by many in the media, that President Barack Obama has proposed tax credits "refundable to folks who don't pay any taxes in the first
place." Read more


Gazette, Daily Sentinel, Caplis, and Rosen repeated distortion that labor bill would end secret ballot in union elections
The Gazette of Colorado Springs, The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction, KHOW's Dan Caplis, and KOA's Mike Rosen are the latest in the Colorado media to assert inaccurately that proposed legislation known as the Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate workers' "secret" or "private" vote to organize unions. In fact, the EFCA would eliminate employers' right to insist that workers hold an election on whether to unionize; employees still would have the choice of whether to hold such an election. Read more

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