Saturday, November 29, 2008

For that special someone

Some of my favorite Foghorn Leghorn quotes:

Go 'way boy, ya bother me!

I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency...

Jeff Danziger cartoons

Ye gods, these are freekin grrrreat!

First it's a sin, then it's a crime... Dem that is.

Yet another Catholic priest tells parishoners they should go to confession if they voted for Barack Obama.


Longmont ATC

These folks perform a valuable service to the community.

To My Longmont 'Fans'

I'm so pleased you're monitoring me so closely. I love the feel of your hot breath on the back of my neck... it's... so comforting. Like little guardian angels... that eat onions and salami.

PS - special shout out to Davey L who's still working on his reading skills. Good luck with that.

Here's a video just for you folks:

My Alibi is Airtight

But I must say I love the modus operandi. Talk about 'leaving a mark on the world' - and in many cases it would be so appropo or apopo... or sumptin.

And one more piece of comedy...

This guy just cracks me up.

More Comedy

Some great political toys here.

Comedic Relief

Provided by Bob Geiger!

Thanks Bob!

Moral Majority's Bathtub Ring

Ya know, the whole problem with being 'washed in the blood' is that it leaves some wicked bathtub rings.

A local winger site said something about Social Conservatism having reached 'a high water mark' - much like the high tide line, this 'mark' is defined by an agglomeration of all kinds of flotsam and jetsam (nautical terms for trash) that's washed up.

Social Conservatism is a neat little euphemism that wraps up intolerance, homophobia, ignorance and a whole constellation of other moral shortcomings into one horrible, slime-crusted package. To refer to it having a 'high water mark' is to summon up images of the stuff that's usually handled with a toilet brush.

The American voting public, like even the most entrenched and confirmed bachelor, eventually got tired of the stench from it and employed the time-honored sanitation technique of disinfectant/scrub/flush.

Let's hope the next 'high water mark' isn't so near the overflow point... just putting the lid down to keep it out of sight doesn't work.

Write to the Troops

Great idea - check it out.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Remake of Fame in the Works

Potentially Universal Mechanism of Aging Identified

ScienceDaily (Nov. 27, 2008) — Researchers have uncovered what may be a universal cause of aging, one that applies to both single cell organisms such as yeast and multicellular organisms, including mammals. This is the first time that such an evolutionarily conserved aging mechanism has been identified between such diverse organisms.

The mechanism probably dates back more than one billion years. The study shows how DNA damage eventually leads to a breakdown in the cell's ability to properly regulate which genes are switched on and off in particular settings.

Like our current financial crisis, the aging process might also be a product excessive deregulation.

Researchers have discovered that DNA damage decreases a cell's ability to regulate which genes are turned on and off in particular settings. This mechanism, which applies both to fungus and to us, might represent a universal culprit for aging.

"This is the first potentially fundamental, root cause of aging that we've found," says Harvard Medical School professor of pathology David Sinclair. "There may very well be others, but our finding that aging in a simple yeast cell is directly relevant to aging in mammals comes as a surprise."

Read the rest

Sometimes I swear God is just the other side of the wall giggling. He leaves us clues all over the place - in the yeast in our beer for Pete's sake!!!

So... this means we could potentially see longevity treatments that add as much as 40 years to the average human life.

Black Friday, Deadly Friday

This is just beyond sad. Have we sunk so low?

Hat tip to Drudge Retort

Through a Hole in the Air...

Fantastic post by Sheila Samples at Sheila Stuff.

Go read it.

Secrets of Talk Radio

Great article by Dan Shelley, Milwaukee Magazine.

Secrets of Talk Radio
Thursday 13 November 2008
by: Dan Shelley, Milwaukee Magazine

The former news director of WTMJ reveals how talk show hosts like Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner work to get us angry.

I first got into journalism because I thought I could make a difference.

I wrote for the school newspaper and did "news" reports on a radio station a friend and I started at my high school in Springfield, Mo. I got my first professional job at age 20, while still in college, at a local radio station's news department. Three years later, I became a news director, and 12 years after that, in 1995, I was recruited to move to Milwaukee to become news director at WTMJ, one of the largest and most successful news/talk radio stations in America.

That was where my real education occurred.

I worked for three years as news director, and then, in 1998, gained the additional title of assistant program director, a role I held until leaving the station in July 2006. From that position, I worked closely with our talk show hosts and became intimately familiar with how they appeal to listeners and shape their vision of the world. Let me tell you some of the lessons I learned.

To begin with, talk show hosts such as Charlie Sykes - one of the best in the business - are popular and powerful because they appeal to a segment of the population that feels disenfranchised and even victimized by the media. These people believe the media are predominantly staffed by and consistently reflect the views of social liberals. This view is by now so long-held and deep-rooted, it has evolved into part of virtually every conservative's DNA.

To succeed, a talk show host must perpetuate the notion that his or her listeners are victims, and the host is the vehicle by which they can become empowered. The host frames virtually every issue in us-versus-them terms. There has to be a bad guy against whom the host will emphatically defend those loyal listeners.

Get that? Rush, O'Really and their ilk are the 'defenders' - (laughs wrackingly and then vomits into trash can) That's just so sad it's revolting. Not to mention it inspires every wannabe whackadoo with a microphone to emulate them. Who wouldn't want to be a 'defender'? Trouble is, they're almost always wrong and usually supporting things that are hurting the public. I suspect it's due to under-the-table money changing hands. The GOP has excelled over the years in wagging the dog by using cold cash as a lever. Even in small towns you find an adamanatine core of radical GOP playing foxhole freddy from their mom's basements.

This enemy can be a politician - either a Democratic officeholder or, in rare cases where no Democrat is convenient to blame, it can be a "RINO" (a "Republican In Name Only," who is deemed not conservative enough). It can be the cold, cruel government bureaucracy. More often than not, however, the enemy is the "mainstream media" - local or national, print or broadcast.

But the key reason talk radio succeeds is because its hosts can exploit the fears and perceived victimization of a large swath of conservative-leaning listeners. And they feel victimized because many liberals and moderates have ignored or trivialized their concerns and have stereotyped these Americans as uncaring curmudgeons.

Because of that, there will always be listeners who believe that Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner and their compatriots are the only members of the media who truly care about them.
There's much more and it's all good. Go read it.

AM radio has been a cesspool of this kind of fermented bile for decades and it's now leaked over into the television networks. It's time for people of good character to stand up and oppose it before the unwashed masses 'defend' us by electing another retard like Bush again.

Hoods Under the Dome and in My Neighborhood

From 1925-1927 Colorado had a governor who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

That same year, the Klan took control of Longmont's City Council.

Four years later, in 1929, the stock market crashed.

Funny, moral decay does go hand-in-hand with national collapse.

In recent years, the KKK openly endorsed Marilyn Musgrave... but the Klan has a long history in Colorado, she was just another politician in a living legacy of lunacy.

It's funny... how the groups that can do the most damage always fight like hell to take control - but then completely screw up.

The KKK governor ended up in the penitentiary.

The KKK Kouncil were eventually defeated by non-racists.

We survived the Depression.

Musgrave is gone*

Looks like a good trend to me.

(*and as of this writing still has not conceded - what petulance)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The cat may not...

...look at the queen - or the king - or the captains of industry ? I beg to differ.

GM Seeks to Hide Corporate Jet Use (hat tip to Drudge Retort)- note: story is behind a registration-wall at, you have to sign up to see it and there's all kinds of Terms of Service shit, basically saying they can decide to charge you for it later. Uh... blow me.

However, this summary, sums it nicely:
General Motors, criticized by lawmakers for its use of corporate jets, asked aviation regulators to block the public's ability to track one of its planes. "We availed ourselves of the option as others do to have the aircraft removed" from a Federal Aviation Administration tracking service, GM spokesman Greg Martin said. He declined to discuss why GM made the request.
And this video has more facts.

So - the only reason the Congress knew about them using private jets is because there's a publicly-available system that allows locating where planes have flown from and too. Golly - that sounds like a great idea for a lot of reasons, anti-terrorism (y'know security and stuff) being foremost.

So... what possible reason could you have for removing a plane from that tracking system? Hell, I was surprised you could get a plane removed from the tracking system. (which brings up a whole slew of other questions about a day in September, but I digress). Let's see... one reason might be so the 'little people' couldn't see that you're spending $20,000+ dollars to transport a single executive in ludicrous luxury to ask our Congress for money to fix the businesses you screwed up.

Ummm.... does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?

Yeah, if I was living like a king, screwing the pooch (and buying it jewelry too apparently, based on the amount being asked for from Congress) and pretty much being a total screw-off, I'd sure want to blind the public eye to my king-in-his-royal-carriage act.

I can see why the auto execs looked pissed when they got busted publicly - they're simply out of touch royalty being shown the guillotine and it probably was the first time they realized their reign of stupidity was over.

Bon Matin mes amis, time to wake up, sorry, we're out of cake. Public doesn't sound too happy over at CNN's forum.

GM's bullshit that it was for 'security' just underlines that our glorious and powerful captains of industry don't trust the security of our airlines either - or they don't like rubbing elbows with us even if it's in First Class.

Whirlwind Reaped, Part 234

Airports almost empty day before Thanksgiving

From SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle)
(11-26) 17:43 PST

The dreaded Day before Thanksgiving was not so dreadful after all.

Bay Area airports were eerily empty for much of what traditionally has been among the busiest travel days of the year.

Traditions appeared to die a swifter death this year than many a turkey. Travel costs money, something a lot of people don't have right now.
Golly gee.

The last eight years of continuous rape of the middle class has come home to roost.

Mission Accomplished Wingnuttia... Mission freakin accomplished. You tools.

In the airport information booth, volunteer Doris Homer said people apparently were deciding to stay home this year. In general, deciding to stay home tends to have a negative impact on the travel industry.

"See for yourself," she said. "Look around. It's nowhere near as busy. People are out of work and saving their money."


Hm. So the sub-prime collapse screwed the realtors, the oil-gouging screwed the airlines and the travel agents... and of course the consumer has been fucked pretty much from day one.

All Obama has to do is show up and pay attention and he'll do 1000% better than the Bush 'administration' ever did.

The next four years are going to be fun as the people driving the Cadillacs and Beemers have to scale down to how the 'little people' drive. With any luck they'll think about the clowns they voted in during the last eight years and Obama's second term will be an even bigger win.

On the backs of slaves

Great piece at Whiskey Fire : Santa Says America Sucks, As Does Jesus

Quoting Medved:
Of more than 20 million Africans taken from their homes in chains, at most 3% ever made their way to the territory of the United States (or the British colonies preceding our nation). Americans played no part in establishing the once-universal institution of slavery but played a leading, outsize role in bringing about its abolition.
Considering Longmont's history, this is truly laughable. 'Outsize role'? Considering how rich it made a lot of folks, the fact it took so long to abolish (including a hard-fought religious-intensity civil war) 'outsize' is to scream at.

The sugar companies in CO should be careful about helping to propigate the myth that slavery wasn't all that bad - lest the zombie corpses of all the workers that died making them rich rise up from their graves and go hunting for something sweeter - like brains. Oh, wait, they're still safe.

Good Song, Great Animation

Hat tip to Dependable Renegade!

Exploding Myths

From Campaign for America's Future

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Air Traffic Control Steps into 21st Century

From Slashdot:
"As one of the massive flying seasons gets underway the government today took a step further in radically changing the way aircraft are tracked and moved around the country. Specifically the FAA gave the green light to deploy satellite tracking systems nationwide, replacing the current radar-based approach. The new, sometimes controversial system would let air traffic controllers track aircraft using a satellite network using a system known as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), which is ten times more accurate than today's radar technology. ADS-B is part of the FAA's wide-reaching plan known as NextGen to revamp every component of the flight control system to meet future demands and avoid gridlock in the sky."
Bet this means a herd of newbies swarming into control centers, upsetting decades-old hierarchies and likely displacing folks. Not to mention, another skill to learn for the old dogs who might or might not be up to the task... not like they don't have enough to do now. But with the economy tanking violently and fewer people travelling, who knows?

I wonder if radar-based air traffic control will just fade away or remain as a backup/relic? I hear those dishes make great chicken coops if disassembled and rebuilt the right way. As for that gigantic antenna hanging above Longmont, how long till it's finally taken down and sold for scrap?

As for 'sometimes controversial' I suspect that 'controversy' comes from hardnoses who think any change is bad. The FAA is trying to revamp and rebuild America's creaking air traffic control system and something tells me there's a lot of old dogs out there that are scared to death of the next trip to the vet.

Eternal Growth Not Assured

Surprise Drop in Power Use Delivers Jolt to Utilities
from the Wall Street Journal

hat tip to firedoglake

More proof that the mighty, mighty captains of industry can't handle a two-variable equation unless it yields a straight line.

Dick Kelly, chief executive of Xcel Energy Inc., Minneapolis, says his company, which has utilities in Colorado and Minnesota, saw home-energy use drop 3% in the period from August through September, "the first time in 40 years I've seen a decline in sales" to homes.

Golly freakin gee, could it be that people don't have a spare penny for anything anymore? They're turning off lights, turning down thermostats and sealing their houses - damn communists!!

The 'buy more, buy more now' crowd has had their foot on the economy's gas pedal for so long when the engine threw a rod the kick nearly threw them onto the proverbial hood of the car.

So much for 'industry self-regulation' and 'market wisdom' - the same clowns that have been swearing we just can't shake off the iron collar of petro-energy are shown to be full of shit.

Golly freakin gee.

Evidence of Unclear Thinking

Reading blogs today I came across an article that likened GOP politicians to playing cards. The article read like a who's who of failed wingnuttery. While I found it quite amusing, it suddenly occurred to me why the author used the metaphor of playing cards: politics is just a big game to them. Maybe not on a conscious level (assuming they are conscious) but speech patterns are pretty telling. Does the CO GOP think of our governance as a big no-limit poker game? Would explain why they kept raising and then tried to draw to an open straight. Trouble is, when your hand is filled with crap to start with, there's usually no help. Instead of folding and saving their political capitol, they blew it all in one massively destructive hand. Now their proverbial 'hand' has cost them this 'game' and with any luck at all, President Obama is going to shut down their 'casino' and make them get real jobs. Man, that's gotta hurt. Especially when they had the other player pegged as rubes.

For the record, the names mentioned were:

"Big Oil" Bob Schaffer - he's toast and burnt so badly no amount of butter will ever make him palatable again. Wing that slice ('card?') into the trash.

"Both Ways" Bob Beauprez - a man so clueless about public speaking he literally pwned his own campaign. Nice going BWB.

Marc Holzman - even his side said he couldn't organize a one-car funeral. OW!

Tom Tancredo - proof that race attacks just don't work - but someone needs to remind his campaign.

John Suthers - 'not conservative enough' probably means he's got some values but the wingnuts don't agree with him, thus he's never going to get a chance.

Jeff Crank - aptly named, nuf sed.

Bentley Rayburn - wasn't he a game show host? Match Game I think?

Marilyn Musgrave - the queen of slime finally grossed out even the turkey-neck-slashin good ole boys with her special home-brewed sewage. Too bad, so sad, BUHBYE.

Scott McInnes - financial irregularities? To hear a winger pointing this out is roughly akin to an embalmer criticizing a taxidermist. You have to look hard to tell them apart.

Bill Owens - so limp he couldn't even stay in the 'deck'.

But it's okay, these 'jokers,' 'jacks,' and 'suicide kings' can all come back next game to 'help build a stronger hand'.

I dunno. Methinks the only 'hand' this crowd could come up with is a flush - one with a chrome handle and a bowl.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Animals in other animals fur

Good grief. Wingporn.

Can't win the election? Screw with the colleges.

From Inside Higher Ed

Referring to the Academic Bill of Rights by its acronym, the letter says:
“ABOR supporters apparently hope that the bill will give elected officials the power to dictate, for example, whether creationism should be taught alongside evolution in college biology. Let us be clear: The [College of DuPage] faculty supports teaching conflicting views on a subject where those views are supported by sufficient evidence. But it is the responsibility of college professors, who are trained experts in their fields, to evaluate that evidence. It’s not the job of politicians.... Given the controversial nature of ABOR and its lack of acceptance in Illinois, it’s especially troubling that the Board would try to use a revision in Board policies to impose it ... without due debate or consideration.

And of course, the wingnuts are hailing this as a GOOD THING.

Breath of Fresh Air

Judge sees through 'we're a church, we can do no wrong' defense.

Fantastic Parody

This is screamingly funny.

The New Moral Compass

Hat tip to Doug's Dynamic Drivel and The Science Pundit

Just the thing...

...for the LLF - underwear made of this. I wonder if it's still dry after four years?

Lex Luthor would smile

Some truly wonderful humor out there today. Always fun to see the GOP eating its own (after spitting on them like Brundlefly). Pity they can't show this appetite before getting stomped in an election (or for very long after). Well, here's hoping their purity of party and party discipline serve them as well next time 'round. People like Stevens got where he was because the 'rank and file' lined up and yanked that lever as their party told them to. It wasn't until the gavel banged down that the moral majority realized they were in the minority. Bit late on that epiphany kids. If the GOP wants to clean up their party, all it will take is open eyes and some harsh honesty. 'Tubez' never should have gotten elected in the first place... and the contractor doing the work that led to the lawsuit had to know - yet remained silent... until he realized he was going to get screwed too. If only that moral compass wasn't thrown off kilter by money. Hm. It's green... must be like Kryptonite to those strange beings from another world.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crack in the world

Sorting through the rubble from the election I checked some numbers and found:

Registered GOP voters in CO: 1,063,347
Registered Democratic voters: 1,051,643
Unaffiliated voters: 1,069,294
(from CO SOS)

So how do you lose with a clear majority in registrations? Not a big one but decisive enough. You lose the unaffiliateds - big time.

The GOP, once-famed for it's party loyalty and atomic-clock-accurate lockstep, has broken ranks so badly that even states they 'owned' were snaffled up in this election. Wedge issues that once clove the Dems like oil shale are now creating Black Canyon-sized rifts in the party.

For example:

Prop 48 only got 27% of the vote (585,561) in Colorado - so, based on the registration figures, 45% of the GOP in CO don't agree with the anti-abortion line - or at least that extreme take on it.

How do you bridge a canyon like that? Even the engineer that built the Royal Gorge bridge would take a beat and scratch his chin.

Maybe it's time for the wingnut right in CO to pick up the reality check and realize that dividing people and attacking their beliefs has one logical conclusion: you end up broken into small, angry camps fighting with each other over irresolvable differences.

It's too late for the CO GOP to jump from the proverbial car - it's gone over the cliff into the river.

The question now is how long the recovery will take and what the 'reformed' CO GOP look like in years to come.

Personally, I think they're going to lose the Snidely Whiplash mustache and start practicing compromise.

Assault rifle - OK. Colon - Not Ok

Ok, now I've seen (and smelt) everything.

Gun sales go bonkers (hm, there's a redundant concept) but a kid farts in school and gets arrested?

I wonder if I did that at a city council meeting... would I be arrested for using a terror weapon? Or would the attending fringers 'fire back' - the prospect of an all-out gas war brings a tear to my eye. Or maybe that was lunch.

Making fun of lying liars

firedoglake's thers has a great post on the media's spin of conservative backbiting and general insanity.

Here's a few excerpts:

Unlike some who shall, in the interests of comity, remain nameless — conservatives do not cry foul when they lose elections. They do not whine that the election was stolen, or secured through dirty campaign tricks, or otherwise illegitimately won. Instead, they ask themselves where they went wrong.

(howling with laughter and falling out of chair)

Acorn much? Kenya much? Birth-certificate bullshit lawsuit much?

Hey, how bout that election, eh??

Which witch

I wonder how long till the Longmont Lunatic Fringers start declaring people witches.

Sarah Palin's church has a pastor that does it - so I'm sure it will become mainstream soon.

Careful 'throwing the goat' kids, there's a lot of guns out there and a lot of loons with itchy trigger fingers... (look for comment by 'James') we wouldn't want someone to "mistake you for a demon" and accidentally shoot you.

The amount and tone of eliminationist rhetoric is rising and I'm just waiting to see reports. I'm hoping none of them will be in Longmont.

Using a stupid law to throw sand in the gears

RLUIPA is bullshit.

The people using it are doing so frivilously and capriciously much of the time. Of course jail-house lawyers are the most desperate, but I suspect they're of the same level of desperation as developers with a huge bank loan breathing down their neck.

The RLUIPA law needs to be struck down - it's nothing more than yet another lever for the religious right to continue their endless (tax-funded too! What a scam!) assault on government of the people, by the people and for the people. Religious profiteers have correctly reasoned that RLUIPA can be employed any time their profit-motive enterprises are thwarted. Funny how the right-wing judges are okay with pursuing those claims, but seem notably tone-deaf when confronted with churches doing politics.

Funny, that.

Might take twenty years to change that behavior, but it will change - letting churches dictate government policy and influence elections is always a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Vatican Shmatican

Vatican forgives John Lennon

Hey, that's all well and good, but they're still not going to be forgiven themselves for knowingly allowing pedophile priests to prey on their congregations - even after being identified by multiple sources - even transferring them to quiet things down.

As for the howling wingnut priest in Greenville, SC that required parishoners to seek penance for voting for Obama before they could get communion - how is that not political activity? That church should have its tax-exempt status yanked immediately - the gyrations by the church officials notwithstanding.

If there's anyone in this country that should 'do penance' it's the lunatic fringe that's been cheerleading for the Bush 'administration' and attacking everything that's good and decent in America - aided and abetted by hypocritical thugs in robes.