Sunday, December 21, 2008

You WILL be Absorbed

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Evangelicals aren't the only religious nutjobs out there
Posted December 21st, 2008 by Prometheus 6 in Religion

However, Bush has given religious organization clearance to discriminate by religious beliefs, so this case may not be as open-and-shut as one may think.

Diskeeper argues in its motion that these injunction requests should be struck from the Complaint because Diskeeper is permitted to introduce religious training in the workplace and therefore any injunction which broadly prohibits religious practice in the workplace is unconstitutional.

Former CIO sues Diskeeper claims he was fired for not participating in Scientology training

[Update: mirrored, and probably more reliable links for complaint and motion to strike. Ray Hill kindly mirrored the documents here, as well. ]

Alexander Godelman and Marc Le Shay, two Diskeeper employees (Godelman was CIO and Le Shay hired as the Automation Planning Officer) have filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Scientology training was a condition of employment and that their refusal to participate led to their dismissal. According to the complaint, "{t]he working conditions and work environment at DISKEEPER were inextricably intertwined with the Scientology religion such that a non-Scientologist cannot escape constant impositions of said religion."

When Godelman complained that these programs ran counter to his own religious belief (Judaism), former Diskeeper CEO and current Chairman Craig Jensen told Godelman that his attendance at the "training courses" was "not negotiable," adding that Godelman would become more intelligent and his personal life would "improve drastically." Jensen also warned Godelman to not "complain about the process" in emails, which Jensen feared would be "misconstrued" and/or "taken out of context." Le Shay was eventually fired after he refused to attend and participate in a course series entitled "Basic Study Manual" and after Godelman interceded on Le Shay's behalf, Godelman was also terminated.

The complaint alleges five causes of action--three based on Diskeeper's alleged violation of California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA): namely, discharge due to religious discrimination, discharge in violation of public policy, retaliation against persons opposing wrongful practices. A fourth cause of action claims that Diskeeper violates California Labor law, which prohibits employers from retaliating against persons refusing to participate in activity which would result in a violation of a federal or state statute or regulation. A fifth cause of action alleges that Diskeeper failed to maintain its statutory obligation to prevent discrimination.


Kaye Fissinger said...

"What's most notable about Diskeeper's motion, however, is Diskeeper's implicit admission that Hubbard Management and Study Technology are both religious in nature, else why would they advance the argument that Diskeeper has a protected interest in providing religious training to employees?"

Inevitably those who push religious freedom to the extreme will step on their own argument.

I understand that there are religions where evangelism is an integral part of belief. And I respect those evangelicals who when told that there is no interest in their religion or church accept that person's declaration.

Doogman said...

It's just more of the 'I'm the boss here, so that makes me KING inside these walls' - in my opinion it's a sign of mental illness: megalomania.