Thursday, December 18, 2008


Naomi Issacson, SIST CEO

Okay, this is bloody creepazillic.

Alleged Murder-For-Hire Rattles Small Town
CBS Evening News Exclusive: Placid Midwest Town Turned Upside Down By Alleged Hit List And Secretive Group

SHAWANO, Wisc., Dec. 17, 2008

(CBS) At the annual holiday parade in scenic Shawano, Wisc., for the first time someone was missing this year. The long-time mayor was nowhere in sight. She was afraid for her life, CBS News cheif investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports.

"To have this happen, who would - who would think it?" said Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.

So unthinkable that Marquardt's open-door policy is now officially closed, and she had bulletproof glass installed on her office door.

It's all part of a once-quiet town that's been turned upside down.

"We have weapons in our home now," Marquardt said.

All a reaction to news of an alleged hit list and claims by a so-called hit man, now telling his story for the first time.

"And I said, 'you want me to kill 60 people? You want me to kill the whole town of Shawano?" said Canadian businessman Bob Cameron.

Keteyian asked: "They were hiring you as a hit man?"

"Yes, they were," Cameron said.

"You're talking about the mayor, the city administrator, the city treasurer, the city attorney, the police chief, judges, investigators, fire commissioners," Keteyian asked.

"Uh huh," Cameron assented.

Cameron says in late October he received $175,000 in wire transfers from people known to be part of a secretive group long run out of a house near Shawano called SIST.

Ah. Religious cult with too much money (or maybe, suddenly, too little). And of course, they're crying discrimmination and not paying their bills. Hm. They like handbills too.

Gee, the death-threats kinda blow that whole act.

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Brian Summers said...

Did anyone on the Longmont City Council get that guy's address? Local fans of this blog best watch out.