Thursday, December 4, 2008

Whipped to a Lovely Froth, followed by a Fireball

Reading the local wingblogs is simply fall-down funny1. To read one wingnut bashing another about their flavor of 'conservatism' and lack of 'party unity' is truly the height of political comedy. You can't buy entertainment this good. Even Leperkhan Shaun Kenney isn't this much fun as he studiously avoids discussing his employer Marilyn Muskrat's crushing defeat and ejection from Congress, not to mention her petulant refusal to publicly accept defeat. Guess that would be appeasement. The hammering on Musgrave has gotten so bad that Colorado's very own Living Political Fossil, John Andrews has begun calling2 for the 'abuse' to end. HA.

The very slapstick that cost the GOP the election will now compel it to drive their collective clown-car off the cliff in an effort to prove that 'clowns stick together' and have 'a code of honor'.

I'll be in my lawnchair at the edge of the cliff with popcorn and binoculars 3

1. but not worth linking to since they're chumps, IMHO
2. in a high-pitched grating whimper
3. so I can watch the fall - all.the.way.down... and the sure-to-be-glorious fireball

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