Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome to the Middle Class

More wailing and whining from the spoiled rich kids.

Some of the comments are just braying idiocy - "a four day school week" - this is beyond laughable. Someone suggests 'four-day work week' and the shiny-vests all start howling 'socialism!!!' but we're supposed to sit quietly while they openly advocate dumbing the state down (further).

The problem in America, I suspect, is management - there's too much of it not pulling it's own weight yet gulping down the lion's share of profits and resources1. Banks' management and realty tycoons played 'market poker' with our money - then, when the goons they supported flopped on their faces and got kicked out because the economy was tanking, it's " hoo hoo pity me..."

Blow me.

When you financial geniuses were lapping up the GOP koolaid about outsourcing jobs, you were complicit in your own collapse.

Now you'll have no reserves, no future and a life of fear.

Welcome to the Middle Class under George W. Bush - you built it, now you get to live in it.
1. That's why I didn't support the school bond issue. The gap between administrator and teacher salaries and the relative proportion is completely insane. I want the teachers to get a raise and more hires, but let's face it, the SVVSD would have stuffed the pockets of their favorite management cronies - again. A plan with some kind of pay-for-perfomance (golly, just like business demands of its workers) and rewards for good teachers (and consequences for bad ones - admins too) I could have endorsed. Not just another 'bailout'.

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