Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Man, you know the businessmen are running around the newspaper boiler rooms howling 'no more bad news!!' when, days after a plane crashes on takeoff at DIA, you see this headline:

Christmas Eve travel smooth in Denver

Yeah, as they say: Real smooth, ExLax

From what I've seen of video and the news reports about the cockpit recorder, sounds like a tire blew out just before liftoff (likely one of the nosegear wheels) and the rim shattered or something else failed catastrophically - which is impressive cause that part of the plane is built to tolerate abuse from bad landings. The NTSB hasn't gotten -to- that part yet, so there's no official theory yet - but the first officer told investigators that the plane was pulling to the side as they neared takeoff speed and the NTSB's John Goglia said the rattling could have been caused by a problem with the nose gear - which takeoff abort would have exacerbated. Pilot did a fantastic job of keeping it from spinning/rolling. That ski-jump over the taxiway embankment must have been painful though - the body of the plane is buckled (looked cracked open on video) aft of the wings. A real Christmas miracle that there were no deaths. Thank God.

Yeah, travel is 'real smooth' - as long as you ignore the crashing, explosions and fire.

Buy the insurance.
Update - it did crack in half. Read this harrowing account.


Brian Summers said...

C'mon, Doogie, what're they gonna say? "Passengers Too Freaked to Fly on Christmas Eve: Bus Fares Soar"? Anyway, air travel is still very safe (especially if the crashes happen to the other guys). I'm a child of the airlines—I've flown a LOT over the years and never had any problems (except maybe with that stew on that flight from San Fran in '89—remember her?) And the odds of another crash happening at Denver or to another flight going to or from Denver is astronomical. Besides, the NTSB hasn't had time to investigate to anywhere near a point of determining anything definite—hell, the crash happened only 4 days ago. Get some exercise, Doog. Let your keyboard cool off. Tis the season to be jolly. 8-O hohoho

Doogman said...

You may be right, I sure hope so. It too damn cold to go anywhere! (let alone fly!)

Brian Summers said...

Yeah, stay home and let Santa do the flying.