Thursday, December 18, 2008


Betsy Markey won in Larimer County Colorado by a huge margin - 34,193a (96631 : 62438).

Voter registration in that county was (in Oct 2008) 65,148 Republican / 54,052 Democratic - 11,096 vote advantage (nice districting - shows why they need to be adjusted periodically).

You do the mathb

I believe the term is 'disaffection' (not be confused with 'disinfection' but the effect is similiar).

For the Larimer county GOP, it must have been like spilling a hot yagermeister shot onto sunburnt thighs - no wonder the screeching is getting louder not fading.

a. not the much-lower figure being reported in some places, probably because the bigger number makes Musgrave supporters wail and rend their garments, then casteth thyselves uponeth the stepeths of the localeth newthpaperthsthh wailing and thoiling thyselveth.

b. it's okay, we can wait, you've got four years, you might have enough time. Hurry.

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Brian Summers said...

I'm thinking that they took those hot shots of Jagermeister and downed them, and more, in an attempt to forget the whole mess. There'll be no admissions of anything wrong with the way they ran their campaigns or anything else 'cept good ole soreloserism when anything is mentioned. I'd say, Doog, move on—you'll get no satisfaction outta them. Nothing's gonna change. Let 'em rot. You don't wanna be in the neighborhood when the stink gets too bad. There is, though, finally satisfaction in knowing that the wound-licking is on the other cheek.