Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sort of Different

Somehow I suspect Susan B. is a-spinnin mightily in her cold little grave tonite, what with wingers like Marjorie 'Roboloon' Dannenfelser using her name for their twisted GOP GOTV (which is a BFD to the NRA, FYI).

Today she actually heaped praise (well, I'm sure she thought it was praise, but she was upwind) on Marilyn 'Got My Tush Spanked in CO' Musgrave and Sarah 'Shoot the Wolfie' Palin, saying:

What I talk to her a lot about is women's leadership -- the sort of different model of women's leadership that she and (Sarah) Palin and other women like them provide. We haven't really had that for awhile.

"Sort of different" is the understatement of the millenium.

Musgrave and Palin working together, what have the Dems wrought?

(I suspect an Emmy nomination for Tina Fey)


Brian Summers said...

Yeah, different as in, "God save us!" BTW, anybody exploding when Musgrave enters the room?

Doogman said...

Nope. Unless you count projectile barfing.