Monday, December 8, 2008


Someone's wishing for public amnesia... or maybe it's just schizophrenia.

from the post:
Since that time, Bob at Bob’s Blog compared James Dobson to Ronald Reagan. It seems like quite a stretch to me, but if that floats his boat…
Just guessing, but I think this is the entry being referred to
(there was no link in the post above when I grabbed that snip):
Ronald Reagan had a record as California Governor that established him as a person who proudly stood up for traditional values. He earned the enthusiastic support of millions of people. Kind of like James Dobson!
Well, Dobson sure had wood for Reagan:

In a letter eulogizing him, Dobson said of Reagan:
"Ronald Reagan will always be one of my heroes," Dobson writes in the letter, to be distributed to millions of Focus on the Family constituents. "He had the courage to defend the unborn child and openly support the institution of the family at a time when it was politically suicidal to even utter such things."
Sure sounds like they saw eye to eye on something.

But here's a clip of Reagan (then a liberal Democrat) campaigning for Truman.

Funny how prophetic it sounds.

Oh, wither hast thou gone, O hero of the Left? and the Right? Hello?

No wonder the GOP is in such disarray, they've gone skitzy.

Hard to be a unified party when your 'left' and 'right'* hemispheres are fighting with each other.

I think the problem is that the GOP is composed of two mutually-exclusive sub-parties that are desperately trying to climb each other's backs - and the recent years of losses underscore that they're both winning.

Personally I hope it continues, it's been a boon to progress in this country.

(* or perhaps I should say "your far right and your screeching-for-blood-distant-right")

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