Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shift the Blame - QUICK!!!

Ah, those geniuses over at the country club must have had extra milk and cookies1.

Now that the loons realize they're going to have go into 'Clintonizing mode2' on Obama3 (cause the realtors and bankers are screeching so loud it's disturbing the canasta players at the Club4) here's their latest lie:

"The Dems manufactured the economic collapse5" - remember, this is coming from 'minds' that simply cannot accept responsibility - which is, to me, tacit admission that the GOP caused the market failures.

They've admitted it6.

Now we just have to wait for the GOP to fracture right down this slime-coated7 fault line into two distinct factions.

Obviously they've forgotten about 'Divide and Conquer' - the first part is 'Divide' which they've done to the entire country.8

The 'social conservatives9' are splitting away from the 'fiscal conservatives10' - assuring the rise of numerous candidates for the next election11. The GOP's fractious primary barfed up John McCain and Sarah Palin - lets hope the next one horks up another unelectable pair of jokers.12
1. Not to mention healthy subsidies to their far-flung network of wannabee Rushes.
2. You know, make up shit daily, run in circles like crazed chimps flingin poo at damn near everything just to see what sticks where, then doing backflips and rolling in it all while screeching and pounding their chests.
3. and double quick!! He's about to be inaugurated! Hurry! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!
4. and you know how Mr. Sinatra's old pals hate to be 'disturbed'
5. (pee pants laughing, falls off chair and lays howling in mirth on the floor)
6. in their own twisty, playing-the-Beatles-records-backward way
7. and thus more likely to slip faster and further
8. and now, are helpfully doing to their PARTY. Gotta love that. Thanks kids - well done!
9. you know, the 'you're going to hell forever because we don't like you' crowd
10. you know, the 'if only we could put iron collars around their necks like in the olde dayes' crowd
11. But there's no way Mitt Romney will run again, Prop 8 pretty much nailed that particular coffin shut - tightly. Joe Smith will need to show up with a new set of plates to accomplish that particular miracle.
12. Hey, if we get really lucky, Sarah Palin will run for president and get nominated! Woo Hoo!!

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Kaye Fissinger said...

Hurry, hurry. Send Rush..looney a lifetime supply of Abilify. Those pain pills he pops aren't working. While you're at it, send a supply to "dooney" too. Oops, I forgot. I think he died.