Saturday, December 27, 2008


This is why it's a bad idea for everyone to be carrying guns.

People do stupid shit with them.

One look at this guy's face and you can tell he ain't right.

29 years old. Good grief.

He could have just as easily snuffed the guy he shot - and his entire family.

Oh yes, let's get more guns out there, right away.


ToLo said...

I have mixed feelings about gun control. On the one hand, there are losers like this reprobate, who clearly should NOT have access to lethal weapons. On the other hand, you have the likes of George W Bush and his party's attempt to set in place "a permanent Republican majority." The Founding Fathers ensured out right to bear arms as a hedge against tyrants such as these. How do you draw a line between the two? I don't know. It strikes me as the same sort of hard choice in which you allow some people the right to say truly horrendous things in order to guarantee your own right to speak out.

Doogman said...

Good point. The loss of life for me outweighs the potential good. However, I don't want to see guns banned, just kept out of crimminal hands as much as reasonable. Proper regulation is being suborned in favor of profits. That needs to stop.