Saturday, December 20, 2008

RLIUPA Declared Unconstituional

The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act is unconstitutional, and the federal jury’s decision in a Boulder Case proves it, county attorneys claimed in post-trial motions filed Friday.(link)

It's good to see this being challenged.

“To comply with RLUIPA, the commissioners would have had to give preferential treatment to (Rocky Mountain Christian Church) over secular applications solely because RMCC is a church. As this court has recognized, such preferential treatment is prohibited by the Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment, Boulder County attorney David Hughes wrote in a motion for judgment.
Besides, look at the size of this collossus! It already rivals the size of Niwot High School just down the road (images courtesy of Google Earth, check for yourself) and they want to make it bigger yet! Can you say 'theocracy'? Can you say 'tax dodge'? Good grief. This is just berzerk.

Go for it Boulder County Commissioners! Keep fighting!


Brian Summers said...

Yeah, I've been by that megalopolis many times and often wondered when they were going to declare themselves an independent nation (and therefore above the law). Seems they're hard at work on it. Kudos (for once) to Boulder County for standing up to them and the Feds in the case of (yet another) unconstitutional law.

Doogman said...

Have you noticed a certain drumbeat in this state over the past eight years? Religious organizations building like there's no tomorrow, stockpiling weapons and sowing fear? Sounds like a bunch of Idaho survivalists.