Monday, December 1, 2008

Privacy on Trial

Oh won't this be fun. Now all the Executive Orders start to come home to roost.

I'm sure the Democrats will step right up to defend privacy. RIGHT!

Every single telecom officer who knowingly wiretapped without a FISA warrant should be tried the same way the go after hackers.

It's the same damn thing.

The existing FISA regs made it so damn easy to go back and get a warrant after-the-fact - even if you had bullshit evidence, pretty much all you had to do was ask. Anything for the 'homeland' after all.

Trouble is, that wasn't good enough - now they want forgiveness for just saying "fuck your limpdick laws, we're crimefighters, we'll do as we please" and then breaking said laws. Then, ludicrously later they come back saying "oh... well, sure we broke the law, but sign this new law giving us super-duper-double-secret-immunity or you're helpin tha' y'know.... terrists."

This is crimminal... not to mention stupid.

If we don't punish them, the next time will be much, much worse.

Think we will? Think these crimminals will get any kind of punishment?

Look how long it took to nail Nacchio - and he tried to hide behind the FISA law to cover his ass for insider trading.

Gee Wally, it's funny how the only time these laws have been used was to cover up wrongdoing, not find it.

Ironometer just went bang again.

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