Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now HERE'S some dishonesty and inconsistency

From firedoglake

Condi is still trying to make the case that we would have gone to war with Iraq no matter what - WMDs or not.

History is already judging this 'war' for what it is - a lie and a chance for right-wing toadies to go face down in the public trough while religious loons made sad faces about all the American deaths (secretly exulting in the extermination of muslim 'heretics').

Until the folks on the right wake up and pull their collective heads out of their brass-plated orifii and admit that Iraq (just like it's lil brother Vietnam) was a total waste of our soldier's lives and our tax money they can take their chants of 'dishonesty' on the left, sit on them and spin (which is what they seem to do best in any case).

If there were so many reasons to get rid of Saddam Hussein, why did we go to such lengths to help him? Oh, right, he had OIL.

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