Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Need to Give MORE

City Council just accepted 25 of the 27 recommendations of the Election Reform Task Force - and set a $200 limit for individuals and $500 for organizations. Seems reasonable to me. Certainly more reasonable than $5000. Why does that number ring a bell? Doesn't seem real... you'd have to own an estate to spare that much money for politics.

Of course I'm sure some1 will laugh2 at any such attempt to limit the samson-like strength of their throbbing juggernaut and advocate some new way to lift their efforts up. They're such ferocious, unrelenting heroes of the Repubic3 . I have no doubt they're polishing their hummers4 and playing WWII morale songs5 even now.

Onward! Christian soldiers, Onward!

(gets caught up in the moment and begins marching/prancing around the room singing, holding up two rulers taped into a cross before falling to the floor in a fit of giggles, rollling back and forth kicking legs in the air)6
1. no your honor, I don't know who (but I have a list of likely suspects!)
2. in a scary, hyena-like way that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up
3. mightily sic
4. NOT code
5. MAY be code
6. Can I help it if I'm naturally jolly?

Note: this post is specifically NOT copyrighted - y'all feel 176% free to copy and paste all over the place. I'm sure the kids at LGF and RS would love to read it. (waves)

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