Saturday, December 6, 2008


From ColoradoPols:
Do You Really Want Daily Kos Representing the Democratic Party?
"In the last 6 months, during the primary wars, I saw a sickening and coordinated effort to run off anyone that did not agree with a select group of people on the site. I have often suspected that these folks coordinated to hide comments at the last minute to prevent others from uprating them, have coordinated to uprate each other when users have deemed them troll worthy, et al. The end result was that longtime activist Democrats left the site or were driven off, simply because they did not support Barack Obama during the primaries."
For what it's worth, I quit reading DailyKOS when Bush was reelected, the tone became so strident it was the reading equivalent of a chainsaw on stainless steel.

This revelation doesn't surprise me one bit.

Kudos to ColoradoPols for promoting this to their front page.

The GOP is having their purge, we need to have ours too.

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