Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Known Unknowns (their words!)

Well, this is really turning up the fear generators tonite:
The US Army War College is ready to handle "unforeseen economic collapse" and the "rapid dissolution of public order in all or significant parts of the US."
That's right - when, not if, when the public goes stark screamin bonkers and starts burning cars in the streets (or protesting in any way, shape or form - or going to their bank demanding their money right now!), our military has a plan (and you know how well 'military intelligence' has worked out for this administration).

In the oh-so-Rumsfeldianly-named Known Unknowns: Unconventional 'Strategic Shocks' in Defense Strategy Development, you find lovely little nuggets like this:
"Some of the most plausible defense-relevant strategic shocks remain low-probability events,"
Well, now I feel all better... then I come to:
"widespread civil violence inside the US would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security."

What would make our military 'reorient' their 'priorities' ?

"deliberate employment of weapons of mass destruction. . . unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency and catastrophic natural and human disasters."

AH. Unforeseen economic collapse, well, now we know how the American royalty hopes to ascend to the throne permanently... screw the economy till it falls apart (done), disrupt the government (stop the inauguration somehow? - planning phase) and when riots break out, to quote Tom Lehrer: Send in the Marines! Mission Accomplished! (insert stirring music here)

But I don't know... all those donations to the NRA and fostering a right-wing mentality that you must own a gun may not make that ascension easy... just look at the comments to the NY Post article:
So long as the morons think they can use the military agasint the civilian population here, American communities should withhold their federal tax dollars and use the money to purchase military weapons from the Russians and the Chinese. I live in the Tampa Bay area. Who is to say Russian cargo and military ships can not deliver their weapons directly to the people. F... Washington. They don't represent American anyway!
Well... that's patriotic as all hell. (strong emphasis on hell)

Then there's this blustering blowhard:
There is one flaw in this scenario: The American people are armed. The military has actually done some wargaming of military vs. armed civilians scenarios and the armed civilians almost always win. They take heavy losses but eventually outnumber and outgun the military, which also has serious defections.

The only force that can maintain order if it comes to that is an organized and trained militia. But the Establishment is afraid to resurrect that constitutional institution because it would pose a challenge to them.

Organize a militia unit while there is still time.
I love hearing this shit over and over. We have a militia - it's called the National Guard. I don't give a rats ass what the reich wing thinks it is - that's its function. This bushwah about a 'citizen militia' is just more basement wanking fantasies from gun nuts.

But - suddenly the GOP's reluctance to properly arm and protect our soldiers makes a bizarre kind of sense - easier to defeat them on our soil (rolls eyes, holds head in pain, wincing).

After that one, this old-timey screed yelling out the current bullshit talking points sounds almost sane:
This sounds like O and his crooked chicago & CA Democrats attempting to violate the Constitution (their normal MO) to try to stifle any dissent as they loot the country with "bailouts." I guess the corrupt scum in Congress like Pelosi, Reid, RINO McCain,Schumer, the grifting Clintons, Princess Kennedy & her swimmer Uncle think the citizens will be bullied by these corrupt criminals. The Polish army and other armies in Eastern Europe refused to back corrupt commie dictators when eastern Europe started to fall apart.
See how quickly they bought into that meme? Of course, this COULD be a paid shill (I suspect it is since it's an early comment). Yeah, the Dems are trying to violate the Constitution. Uh huh. Dems are 'looting the country' - I wish I could understand this guy's point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my own ass.

Posse Comitatus much? The people assaulting the Constitution and endangering the country are in office already. Bailouts? The banking and real estate industries are overwhelming Republican (and durned proud of it, hippie!!!) - go tell it to the Marines (they'll be in your neighborhood soon!).

But this comment gives me hope:
Wake up! The military has no business being used against American citizens. There are so many stories prepping us for this, so that when it happens, when another constitional law is broken, that the people will just accept it as being "in the national interest". We have police, to police the people. The military is limited in its constitutional duties to protecting this land from foreign invaders. Not to separate the people from their government. If you read the language of the report. The military plans to use troops to stop runs on banks, political protest and civil unrest. Since when is people lining up at a bank to get their money back a crime? When did political protest become a reason to call out the army? My family has a long history in the military, and is currently serving here and abroad. How dare the US government put them in the situtation of being used against their own neighbors? Oh sure, rubber bullets, right? When did we cross the line? People, please read the constituion. Know your rights. Stand up for your freedom before it is gone.
Merry Christmas folks - it's still more than three weeks to the Inauguration - don't relax yet, there's some very dangerous folks in charge that (I believe) don't intend to go quietly.


Brian Summers said...

I don't know... Similar noises surfaced about a week or so before the election, and I didn't hear of any streets running red with the blood of the citizenry. I'm not saying that the outgoing regime isn't capable of it, but it just sounds to me like the paranoia of the extreme left. We're always ranting about the extreme right, but remember, the left has an extreme end just as looney.

Doogman said...

I resemble that remark!! ;-D

Brian Summers said...

And darned well, too. 8-D