Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HP Board Wake Up Call

I guess when the only god you worship is profit and the only law you obey is greed, selling your product illegally in another country is fine.

Problem is, it AIN'T.

Add this on top of their idiotic spying in 2006 and one begins to think the problems didn't go away with the exit of CEO Dunn. Even though Dunn managed to dodge felony charges, I think it's pretty obvious she was in the know.

My question is: Does the HP board have a clue what's going on?

It's sad that the rank-and-file employees that have given so much to the company have been butt-raped steadily over the years while unethical chicanery was going on in the Executive Suite.

To me it just shows that higher salary does not equal higher standards - in some cases the exact opposite.

Clean it up HP, you're making the tech sector smell bad.

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