Saturday, December 20, 2008

Godly Positioning System

This made me weep with pity.

Oh, the rending of garments, the wailing.

Enjoy that trip to the wasteland kids, you bought and paid for it. You oh-so-lovingly serviced the fundies again and again and again, even when they were savaging you. It was funny to watch, I admit.

Let's hope the 'Moral Compass' is useful in finding your way back. Maybe now that you've pried that huge hunk of crusty religious magnetite off of yours, you'll have a prayer. (a leetle teensy tiny one)

Somehow I suspect the journey back is going to be like watching bad outtakes of Survivorman.


ToLo said...

Meanwhile, as the Repugnicans are wailing about ordered, legally sanctioned recounts, they fail to mention the caging lists, the attempts to deprive the recently foreclosed of their votes, the tossing of ballots, the efforts to -stop the counting- as soon as it goes against them.

We've seen it over and over, beginning with the Supremes in 2000 deciding -- in a vote that would not be allowed as precedent in any future such case -- that the counting of votes should stop while GWB (conveniently) seemed to be ahead. Here in Washington state in 2004 Gino Rossi was all for counting while he was behind, then cried for Gregoire to concede as soon as he was ahead. Gregoire insisted quite consistently that the system that GINO ROSSI championed be allowed to finish.

And it did.

And he lost.

I don't want to hear Repugnicans crying about the counting of votes, because the Repugnican way is to simply keep the "wrong" people from voting at all.

Kaye Fissinger said...

Can "The Colorado Index" spell:
I didn't think so.

Brian Summers said...

"The Democrats up to their old tricks"? What? Did the Dems find an old copy of the Karl Rove Playbook? Them's the only dirty tricks been influencing elections in this century. Boy, the Repugs sure get loud and oily in the throes of soreloserism. What a bunch of whiners (not to mention cheaters and liars).

(Hey, where's Stephie. Figured she'd be spewing her Repug fiction on this one.)

Doogman said...

Hey now, be nice, being a Big Wheel (tm) is exhausting work.

Doogman said...

Well, to be fair, even though they won't post my comments, have called me 'inconsistent' and 'dishonest' (I think they just need a hug) I think it's truly sweet that they've tried to recognize the problem - that's the first step to recovery. I wish them strength through the long, tear-filled nights in the wilderness. (note - this comment has been deleted and replaced with a corrected/modified version - because I think Hugs are REALLY important. Wingers, don't worry, I'm sure the NSA or other GOP-controlled organization has the previous one(s) for display at my tribunal. Kisses!)