Monday, December 29, 2008



It's something we all do when we try to swallow something that either doesn't fit down our gullet or is so disgusting that our body rebels - and usually rightly so.

The brain works the same way. Instead of gagging however, there's an involuntary exclamation of What.The.F--K?

I had that reaction when I read this piece1 by Sara Dogan at the ironically-titled 'Students for Academic Freedom'.

"Big Dog" Dogan jumps right up on the bull and stun-sticks it firmly in the nads with this opening paragraph:
A recent report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) revealed the shocking statistic that 74% of colleges and universities examined in a national survey were found to have policies that violate the First Amendment protection to freedom of speech.
This is true GOP-fired irony at its absolute best.

A quick check of FIRE's background barfs up this lovely tidbit from Wikipedia:
It has represented the causes of individuals with varied political viewpoints, ranging from conservative and religious student groups to other activists such as members of PETA and Professor Ward Churchill.
Right there is where my vocal apparatus horked out an involuntary WTF??!

Ward Churchill? You mean the professor-cum-pinata for the reich-wing screamers? You have to kidding me. The spittle-spewing screamers of the right villify Churchill for speaking his mind and now this popinjay uses the organization that defends him to shore up an argument that conservative speech is being repressed?

I think the righties in Colorado have found a field of magic mushrooms and held a culinary festival in it.

In clinical terms I believe this is called 'disassociation' - the wingnuts in Colorado want to pillory anyone that speaks out against their party or their President, to the point of driving a professor out of his job - then, turn around and use that as proof that their side is being 'silenced'.

Please. Take something. Quick.

While you're at it, do a quick survey of how many GOP-owned Colorado businesses that will allow you to even say you're a Democrat while at work or support your taking time off to campaign for someone. Oh, that's right, it's their business, the law doesn't apply inside their doors. To that lovely big brother sentiment I say 'kiss my ass - freedom everywhere or nowhere.'

I'd be all supportive of Ms. Dogan's premise that conservative speech is being surpressed and that something must be done - as long as it includes protections for workers that express their political opinions at work. We'll see that happen soon. Oh sure.

Till then I suggest she take advantage of the student discount on meds.
1. If by 'piece' you mean 'semi-literate gibberish created by thrashing wildly at a keyboard with both hands after wolfing down a handful of roofies and a pint of Thunderbird.'


Kaye Fissinger said...

Quick. Buy stock in Bristol-Myers Squibb. Do it before January 20th. Once Obama's in office BMS won't be able to manufacture fast enough to supply the LF/RR.

Kaye Fissinger said...

On second thought, maybe there's no money to be made afterall. To solve a problem the LF/RR first has to recognize they have one. Not likely. Not likely at all. Sad. So sad.