Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coloradoan site safe

We have received word from our web technical support company GMTI that some end-user installations of the Norton Internet Security application have begun to erroneously alert malicious activity at and
Woof! Don'tcha just hate it when the software to protect the virus-ridden nightmares known as 'PCs' turns on you?
There is no risk in continuing to access our sites...
Aside from being flamed for being a commie librul in the comments by hillbillies, but that will never change... kinda like Ft. Collins.


Brian Summers said...

As you know, Doogman, I run a PC, but I learned long ago to not trust Norton (with the exception of Ed, the sewer worker). Once I dumped their overhyped "security" software, my computer problems went away. Just 'cause everybody does it, don't make it right (there are obvious political parallels in that statement).

Doogman said...

Yup. But you're a vigilant lil termite - you KNOW when your computer starts sending you mash notes all the time, it's time to FIX IT. So many people treat their personal computer like a toaster and only get worried when the bread's burnt ALL the time. There's ways to make em safe and the primary one is to tighten up the loose nut behind the keyboard. (no parallels there at all, just caffeine)(YOOWWWzaaa!)