Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clever. Evil... but clever

Local teens claim pranks on county's Speed Cams

The parent said that "our civil rights are exploited," and the entire premise behind the Speed Camera Program is called into question as a result of the growing this fad among students.
Golly... maybe that's why some people have objected to them all along.

Sometimes you just have to have those 'shoes' jammed on just once to get the point.


Brian Summers said...

You mean someone on the other side is finally complaining about 1984-style governmental tactics now that they're being used against them? Now, I'm not for High School "punking" as it's usually stupid and dangerous, but this is a clever way to strike back. I know that most auto accidents involve teens, but you can't protect everybody by 24/7 surveillance, regardless of what the gumment thinks.

Doogman said...

Funny, innit!!??