Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boners for Peace

This is great... really.

What a brilliant way to 'capture hearts and minds'.

I'm amazed the drug companies aren't *ahem* short-stroking this all over the media (who love a good spooging).

I wonder what's next from these geniuses?


ToLo said...

So what else is new? The myth that "The Surge" worked denies the more complicated reality which includes the fact that we bought off some of the Sunni militia.

Getting your enemies to f*@k each other is old-school imperialism ...

Doogman said...

Absolutely. LOL. But it's never been so... um... LITERAL before. I'm wondering when the (legal) hookers in Nevada will consider 'outsourcing' their services as part of a Government agency. (dreamy look) "Ministry of Coital Affairs, Bambi speaking... no, I'm sorry, Mr. Limbaugh is out right now...."