Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Steel Balls

Good grief. Is it required to be crooked to be a member of the Bush administration?

"Promoting democracy" in Cuba no less and this tool had to steal - nearly half a million.

I begin to think it's genetic.

Some people find a bag full of money and return it (and refuse any reward) this shitheel, charged with promoting our country's greatest virtue, promptly fleeces people.

There I believe is a fundamental difference in people. Some will do good because it's just the right thing to do, others will immediately try and game the system.

I guess to some people the whole world is a game, replete with buttons, flippers and big steel balls.


ToLo said...

Y' know what I find most amusing about that article? The comment thread that follows. The same crowd that says "Bush didn't do it, Sixto did! Stop accusing Bush of every crime his underlings commit" are also the ones saying "Wait until Goblowyourself rolls over on Obama -- he's got more corruption around him than Bush had in eight years and he isn't even elected yet."

What ever happened to "The Buck Stops Here?"

Brian Summers said...

Has this guy been pardoned yet? It's only a matter of time. And as far as the Bush defenders, they've always been a bunch of wankers and always will.