Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Jesus is Safe

Baby Jesus will sleep more soundly in upcoming weeks due to the vigiliance of local law enforcement, aided with GPS tracking devices and video cameras.

However, thousands of folks in Colorado won't since they'll be worried about being laid off.

Meanwhile, the GOP, according to some, will continue to wander in the wasteland due to the schism between the religious fundamentalists (social conservatives) and the barrons (fiscal conservatives).

All this while our troops are still getting blown up by improvised explosive devices because their vehicles aren't properly armored - despite the Chimperor's Court knowing how serious the problem was long before the war.

I find it ironic that we go to ridiculous lengths to protect symbols while human lives are being lost - with the 'pro life' party in office. Just goes to show the words don't always match the deeds.

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Brian Summers said...

As is historically evident, the GOP is far more concerned with symbols than any sort of substance—something about the inability to walk the walk. They're all about flag pins and banners and yadayadayada while the troops die for lack of substance. Yeah, "pro-life?" Whose? Certainly not 4000+ U.S. soldiers.