Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knowledge and Character

Kansas is a red state - one of the reddest.

At it's website there is this anecdote:
As you can see from the above picture, Wyandotte has twin towers which were given names by then principal J.F. Wellemeyer: the West Tower (on your right) represented knowledge and the East Tower (on your left) represented character. According to Wellemeyer, "The west was a land of pioneers, eager and ambitious to achieve and acquire, and they were true pioneers in arts and sciences as well as many newer branches of learning. The east suggests maturity, stability of character, refinement, culture and inspiration."
Very noble. What a great creed.

So, after seeing this article, I was somewhat less than amused:
One morning earlier this month, Quinly staked out his front drive and finally spotted the politically motivated litterbug. The man in question was driving a black GMC pickup truck. Fed up with the greasy onslaught, Quinly hopped in his car and followed his suspect until it pulled into the parking lot of Wyandotte High School. Armed with the man’s license plate number, Quinly attempted to track down the driver’s name; what he got: Robert Bayer, the school’s assistant principal.

Robert Bayer - Assistant Principal/Activities Director

Wyandotte High School
2501 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
Phone (913)627-7650

I encourage you to contact

Mr. David A. Smith
[Public Relations Contact]
Assistant to the Superintendent for Communications
Fax (913)627-7700


Earthy Girl said...

Thank you so much for covering this story! David Quinly is a friend of mine and my neighbor. He has been very outspoken against the war on Iraq and has been faithfully placing signs in his yard for 6 years now.

I am REPULSED that a high school administrator would stoop to immature and illegal behavior to express his disapproval of David's signs.

But what concerns me more is that the high school where Robert Bayer is a VP serves a majority of low income and minority students - cannon fodder for Bush's war.

This man has no business working with our kids. I encourage all your readers to contact the school district.

Ben Knight said...

I am a student at wyandotte high school and maybe you should get your information from somewhere that is not slightly to the right of the Kaiser. there is worse people can do and you want someone removed because of THAT? i mean seriously, i do not see a single article about sex abuse which is major but you do make time to post about something as frivolous as this?

No wonder the GOP is just a bunch of whiners. I do not even know why you care. Republicans are soft if not useless in education.

Note: before you slam him. get to know him.

ToLo said...

Ben: You're not making sense. Where do you get GOP from any of these posts? This is a Dem blog, Quinly doesn't strike me as a Republican (though I didn't notice that it said either way, anywhere), and sex abuse and the Kaiser have nothing to do with the issue this post addressed.

Doogman said...

Ben, maybe laxatives will help.